Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing with friends!

Tori and Libby playing with Macey and Madison's Pooh bears at Nenny's shower on Sunday!
Libby and Tori taking turns giving each other kisses at Nenny's house one night.
Emma Cate and Tori watching Sleeping Beauty last Sunday afternoon!
Tori was trying to get her Bambi back. That is one toy that she is not willing to share:)

Showers for Nenny and Kee Kee!

We've had a few baby showers for Nenny and Kee Kee lately! It's so fun and crazy seeing two of everything. They will both have packed houses. It's getting down to crunch time! We cannot wait to meet both sets of twins, but we do hope they wait a little longer before they decide to come.

Heather, Vanessa, Keeley, Me, and Amanda!
Me and Keeley...16 and 30 weeks!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Audra and Cole are engaged!

Congratulations to my sister! Cole proposed in Central Park in New York! I am so happy for them both! Let the wedding planning begin!

Tori's first artwork!

We got home from Disney on Wednesday night then she headed to school on Thursday. She had a rough second day. Her teacher's note said that she really tried to be a big girl, but just couldn't because she was so sad. She took a 2 hour nap at school then came home and asked to take another nap. I woke her up after another 2 hour nap. I showed her the picture from her folder. Her face lit up and she said Mickey Mouse.

Disney World

We made it home safe from yet another trip to Disney. It took me 25 years before I could go to Disney World, but Tori has already gone 3 times and she is not even 2. I think each trip is more and more fun to see how she is going to react to everything. She loved meeting the characters. She walked up to at least 10 of them and acted like it was just the two of them. Her favorite character now is Minnie Mouse. She was hugging her for so long I had to go pull her off. I wish I had them on video rather than just pictures because she acted so serious and then as soon as she walked away her face lit up and she started shaking with excitement!
We ate so much...when I say that I truly mean it. We went to 5 all you can eat restaurants. Needless to say I am starting 'to show' now.

Her favorite ride was Dumbo. She still asks me to ride it.
She also loved riding the 'horsies'.
She thought she was something at the pool. Emma Cate gave her an Ariel bathing suit and Tink bathing suit.

I see some golf days with Daddy in her future!

Watching the fireworks at The Grand Floridian!

Mrs. Hunt gave her some new sunglasses. She asked to wear them all weekend and when she wasn't wearing them, they were on top of her head...just like everyone else.
Tori loves her Aunt Jessie. There were many times when she only wanted Jessie to carry her. Tori climbed up on the rock with Jessie and looked at me then said cheese. I guess she is used to me taking pictures by now.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Tori had her first day of school this morning! We've been talking to her about it for a week now. She was very proud to walk in carrying her new school bags (bag and lunch bag). I walked her into school and left without any tears...from either of us. Her teachers said she did great and Tori says she wants to go back, so that's a good sign!