Friday, August 27, 2010

Brady - 18 months

Brady's stats from his 18 month appt. This is for my baby book.
26 lbs. 33 inches
Brady is all boy. He loves bats, balls, hats, and trains. His favorite word is no. I am ready for that phase to be done. He can say a few more words now. In a couple of weeks, he will start preschool two days a week. He loves to sit in Bryan's lap and watch ball. He loves for me to brush his teeth. He sleeps with his Mickey every night. He plays well with Tori...most of the time. It is fun to see them talk and play together. He still loves the Grandpas and Uncles in his life.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tori's first hair cut

That's right. Tori is almost 4, so we decided to get our first hair cut.
Ready to go...
Meredith washing Tori's hair.

The first hair cut.

Thanks Meredith!!
Tori told Meredith she did not want her hair curly, so straight here we come. She needed straight hair like Madison.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Church camp

Tori and I went to church camp at the beginning of the summer. She did so great! She was the youngest pre-camper there.
Taylor took to Tori right when we got there. I knew she would be well taken care of.
Mr. Lee, Tori, and Taylor

All the precampers...Tori, Lauren, Taylor, Keller

Tori loved getting mail.

Tori and Ashton

Roller skating for the first time.

Jessie's last shower

Time is winding down for Jessie. Baby Sam will be here September 24th. We can't wait to meet him!! She had her last shower at my house last weekend.

Elizabeth, Audra, Jes, me, and Kiki

Jessie's church shower

She had a few big 'helpers' opening all the gifts.
The kids loved the Mickey stuff. They can't wait to go play at Jessie and D's with all these fun toys.


I took the kids to Arkansas this summer. We stopped to stay with Hoy, Ali, Logan, and Lucy. The kids did so great on the drive. We stopped at Howard and Sherry's for Lucy's 3rd birthday party then stayed at Ali's new house down the street. We had a great visit. I just wish it was longer.

Then, I picked up Lauren in Little Rock and we headed to Scott, AR to see Amy. I haven't seen her in years, so we had such a great time. This is the only picture I have of our kids minus Claire.
Then, we headed to Grandma and Papaw's house. We had so much fun with them for several days.
Tori found a watermelon in the garden. She was so excited!

This was our nightly routine.

Ready for church!
Tori and Grandma made cookies. They were very colorful and tasted delicious.
Picking some tomatoes.
Eating some tomatoes.
Taking all the goodies from the garden.
We went downtown to meet Mike and Kim for lunch one day.
We went to see the Hot Springs.

Grandma bought the kids a slip n slide. Tori loved it.
She bought them some Hot Springs tshirts.
They loved Grandma pouring water over them. I had to make them stop after a while.
After we left Hot Springs, then we were off to Searcy for a play day then we headed home.