Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brady took a nap with his football one day.
Brady and Macey swinging at the park.
We had lots of cookouts over the holiday weekend. This was from Emma Cate's birthday cookout. This is a classic look by everyone...Emma Cate posing, Tori watching Emma Cate's every move, and Brady watching Tori's moves.

Uncle D and Brady hanging out on the couch together.

Madison walking behind the walker.

Macey walking behind the walker.

Macey, Brady, and Madison playing in the baby pool...our pool days are winding down:(

Tori driving to the store.

Brady ready for church.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tori had her first day back at school yesterday. She just went right in...I had to make her give me a hug.

We stayed with Mimmy and Pops for a week and a half due to some issues with our walls and crawl space. We moved back in the house yesterday.

Brady posing for a picture and I didn't even ask.

We played with Macey and Madison a lot this week. They love their mom and Mimmy, but I was able to still get some play time in, too...and lots of kisses from Madison. have to love that smile:)

Macey, Brady, and Madison watching the Disney sing-along.

Brady and Madison

Madison, Brady, Macey