Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Around the House

Here are a few pics around the house.
Tori waves bye bye to Daddy at the back door.

Audra taught Tori how to have tea time. She loves pretending like she is pouring more into the cup and making sipping noises like she is really drinking it. Audra wasn't here today, so we had tea with her other friends...Tigger and Pooh...thanks to Kee Kee.
I've been a little obsessed with sewing during Tori's nap time. My guest bedroom has turned into my sewing room/playroom.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Growing up

Tori loves sitting in her own chair like a big girl. Today I started holding her babies so she wanted to hold them...both of them.
Then she moved to her lion. I was going around the house trying to push all three of them in the lion...that didn't last long. Then, she was o.k. riding by herself.
I was on the computer the other night and I heard the channel changing. I looked over and she started laughing. She was so proud of herself.
She loves to crawl in her chair and have you hand her a book to read.

Bye Bye Bottles

This has been a great few days. Tori no longer drinks from a bottle! For those of you who know Tori, know that girl loves her bottles. I started trying when she was about 12 months. That led to her throwing the cup down and whaling on the floor. I let her cry one time for about 20 minutes. I tried again a couple of times with a bottle but a different top to it...same thing. I think that was worse. Anyway, I tried the other night because I finally found a sippy cup that she will drink out of and she liked it. We haven't gone back since. I cannot believe it. These are some fancy sippy cups...I know:)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Paw Paw and Mae Mae's house

We went over to my parent's house this week with Amanda and Emma Cate.

Paw Paw and Emma Cate feeding the wild turkey in the backyard. There were about 25 of them this day. It's funny that Tori knows what it means to watch for the turkey.
Paw Paw, Emma Cate, Tori, and Willie were so happy to ride 'bump bump' (the golf cart). It is a must at their house!
Mae Mae gave Emma Cate a new Backyardigans tea set. They both loved playing with it. Tori is obessesed with the Backyardigans!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Post Christmas

Here are a few pics of Tori enjoying her new toys from Christmas. I'm trying to spread them out so we still have some put away for to rotate later.

This is baby Merrill! Elizabeth (Bryan's cousin) had her second baby in December. She was so sweet to cuddle with! Another girl in the family!
Tori wanted to be with her...of course Pops didn't mind holding both! They really look like they are checking each other out!

Emery loves Aunt Kay!
Emery is a good big cousin and now big sister!