Sunday, January 13, 2008

Paw Paw and Mae Mae's house

We went over to my parent's house this week with Amanda and Emma Cate.

Paw Paw and Emma Cate feeding the wild turkey in the backyard. There were about 25 of them this day. It's funny that Tori knows what it means to watch for the turkey.
Paw Paw, Emma Cate, Tori, and Willie were so happy to ride 'bump bump' (the golf cart). It is a must at their house!
Mae Mae gave Emma Cate a new Backyardigans tea set. They both loved playing with it. Tori is obessesed with the Backyardigans!


Elizabeth Byerly said...

Cute picture of Emma Cate and Tori on the stairs-love Tori's expression!

Amanda said...

Cute pictures, cute subjects! Thanks for letting us go feed the turkeys. She has been talking about it since. She also took her tea set to the nursing home to have tea with Grandmother. They both loved it!