Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bye Bye Bottles

This has been a great few days. Tori no longer drinks from a bottle! For those of you who know Tori, know that girl loves her bottles. I started trying when she was about 12 months. That led to her throwing the cup down and whaling on the floor. I let her cry one time for about 20 minutes. I tried again a couple of times with a bottle but a different top to it...same thing. I think that was worse. Anyway, I tried the other night because I finally found a sippy cup that she will drink out of and she liked it. We haven't gone back since. I cannot believe it. These are some fancy sippy cups...I know:)


Elizabeth Byerly said...

Yeah for Tori! She gave it up way faster than Em did! So much easier for you I'm sure!

Kimberly said...

That is a big accomplishment! We went through about 4 different sippy cups before we settled on the ole cheapies, too! ha! Those girls sure know what they like (and what they don't) already!

Also-I love the pics of Tori in her pink chair. SHe looks so big!

Mittig family said...

Yea Tori! Isn't it funny that most kids like those take 'n toss cups the best? We also went through a Nuby phase if you haven't tried those. They seem to travel better and they have a "lid" like bottles to keep them clean in a diaper bag!