Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Growing up

Tori loves sitting in her own chair like a big girl. Today I started holding her babies so she wanted to hold them...both of them.
Then she moved to her lion. I was going around the house trying to push all three of them in the lion...that didn't last long. Then, she was o.k. riding by herself.
I was on the computer the other night and I heard the channel changing. I looked over and she started laughing. She was so proud of herself.
She loves to crawl in her chair and have you hand her a book to read.


Elizabeth Byerly said...

That picture with her and both babies is so sweet! Cute pink chair!

mkburcham said...

Her little smile makes me giggle. She is so cute holding her little baby dolls! She is becoming such a little toddler!

Totallyscrappy said...

Oh, how they love the power of the remote control!!

Max's Family said...

I love her pink chair, it's so cute! Max does the same thing where he'll sit in his and want you to hand him books. So cute. Glad you found a sippy cup that works!

Justin & Shauri Phillips said...

I love the first picture! How precious is she?