Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Post Christmas

Here are a few pics of Tori enjoying her new toys from Christmas. I'm trying to spread them out so we still have some put away for to rotate later.

This is baby Merrill! Elizabeth (Bryan's cousin) had her second baby in December. She was so sweet to cuddle with! Another girl in the family!
Tori wanted to be with her...of course Pops didn't mind holding both! They really look like they are checking each other out!

Emery loves Aunt Kay!
Emery is a good big cousin and now big sister!


Mittig family said...

Hey Nat! Is that first outfit with Tori on her horse Baby Lulu? It's SO cute! Congrats on the new baby! They seem so small don't they? Love you!

Keeley said...

I don't want to hear about updating my blog. You were behind schedule also!!! I am hopefully going to get that done today:-) Can you do next Wednesday for lunch? I love Tori's horse!

Katie Land said...

Since you were giving Keeley a hard time about posts, I can't imagine what you would say about my posting...haha! Anyway, Tori is getting so big and I can't believe how much she looks like both of you. Very cute! Also, I love the matching jogging suits you girls are wearing on christmas day! Miss you and maybe see you soon if we ever slow down! Take care- K

Julie said...

Cute pictures-I've been waiting for an update! I just bought that LuLu outfit for Frances on ebay-I love it!

Justin & Shauri Phillips said...

I love the picture of Tori on her little horse. How cute is that? I'm also glad to see that Tori still drinks from a bottle! Ava is 10 months old and it seems like everyone else's kids are drinking from sippy cups at this age. I continue to let Ava drink from a bottle. I just don't see anything wrong with it. She loves her bottle! How could I take that away? Ha! So.....I'm so glad that Tori still drinks from one! :)

Elizabeth Byerly said...

I need copies of some of those pictures!