Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brady - 15 months

Probably not a good habit to start:)
Brady at 15 months: 25 1/2 lbs. 32 inches

Where have these 15 months gone?!?! He still loves balls, hats, books, climbing, dogs, playing outside, Tori. He says a few words...mama, dada, bye bye, ball (still says dal), quack quack, hi, more, milk (still says mi), one, night night, dog.


Tori had her first friend spend the night last night.

Emma Cate is so good with Brady!

This was Tori seconds after we dropped Emma Cate off...yes I was at a stop light.

Memorial Day

Pops landed from Haiti on Sunday night just in time for a cookout for Memorial Day at Mimmy and Pops' house.

CF Walk

Tori was diagnosed with CF in December of 2009. Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that affects the respiratory and digestive systems. They have come so far with this disease every year.
Tori continues to do 3 breathing treatments daily, chest therapies, and takes enzymes before every meal and snack. She has handled the changes amazingly and I believe that it is because so many people have been praying for Tori and our family.
We have begun working with the CF Foundation here in Nashville to help raise money and awareness for this disease. We had a CF walk in May at the Nashville Zoo. We had over 120 people supporting us that day!!
The Nashville Great Strides Walk raised close to $240,000 that will help with research and to hopefully find a cure for this disease!

Happy Birthday Jessie!

We had a great Sunday lunch at Richland for Jessie's birthday. She just found out she is having a BOY so we are super excited. I get my first nephew and Brady gets a boy to play with!

Nenny and Madison

Happy Mother's Day to me

Last week of school

Tori had another great year at school with fabulous teachers! Thank you Miss Ashley and Miss Michele!

Visit from Arkansans

My Grandparents, Aunt Barbara, and Uncle Richard came in town for the weekend of Easter. We had a great time! I wish they could come more often!

Yikes...he did catch her!!

Tori's school program

Tori had her spring program at school. She loved every minute of it!

Egg Hunt at Kay Kay's house!
Henderson, Emery, Macey, Madison, Brady, Merrill, Tori

Tori's first ponytails...still no hair cut, but at least we have ponytails now.

Happy Birthday Mommy and Daddy!

We had an Easter egg hunt at church. Macey and Madison came, too.

How sweet...
...this is more like it!