Saturday, March 31, 2007

Week of Birthdays

Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband and dad!!

We set up Tori's exersaucer this week and attempted rice cereal. Let's just say she likes the exersaucer much better!

We finally got to meet sweet baby Libby this week. She and Tori both weighed the same when they were born. It's hard to believe she was that little 4 months ago.

This week we celebrated me and Bryan's birthdays. Earlier this week I was surprised with a birthday lunch at Puffy Muffin, then went to get a massage (thanks to my husband) and a pedicure thanks to Amanda. Today is Bryan's birthday, so we started the day off at Noshville for breakfast. We got a video camera for our birthday, so I hope Tori is ready to be on film a lot.


mkburcham said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nat! I thought about you on your birthday-and meant to send you a quick note! Your is easy to remember since it is the same as Matty/ It sounds like you had a fun day-suprises, massages and pedicures are always fun! Can't wait to see you in Nashville! She is so adorable
Love Mer

Elizabeth Byerly said...

You had a birthday this week? Just teasing..... I've made some very air-heady comments lately! I hope that you both had a very fun week!