Sunday, July 1, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Here goes....

1. My favorite thing right now is to hear Tori laugh!

2. I thank God every time I pray for Bryan...he is my best friend, greatest husband, and best dad!

3. I love eating out and it is not just to get out of cooking.

4. I love sewing.

5. I love scrapbooking.

6. I am obsessed with taking pictures...I hope to get a new camera soon.

7. I have the best sister in the world and am so glad we are so close.

8. I consider my sisters-in-laws to be just like my own sisters and love spending time with them.

9. I eat too much and exercise too little.

10. I hope to start a small business one day...JnJ's (unique gifts, embroidery, gift baskets, etc.).

11. My favorite places to visit are the Virgin Islands...St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croiux.

12. I am blessed to have a very laid back baby.

13. I am blessed to be a stay at home mom thanks to Bryan.

14. My mom and dad are wonderful friends, parents, Christian examples, and grandparents.

15. I made wonderful, Christian friends from Harding and know that we will always be close.
16. I am so glad my dad was transferrred to Nashville. It was definitely God's plan.
17. My pet peeve is when people try to talk to me when they are brushing their teeth...I can't handle it.
18. I love diet coke and tea punch.

19. I have the best in-laws who have always welcomed me and treated me like their own daughter.
20. I would love to go on another cruise someday.
21. I married into a huge family...there are connections everywhere.
22. We love cookouts at the land...Tori will probably always love riding the golf cart and tractor.
23. I have always looked up to my grandparents. They are wonderful Christians who have put God and family first in their marriage for over 60 years.
24. I need to read my Bible more.
25. I want to go to Italy someday.
26. I wish I could have met Bryan's grandpa and I wish he could have met my other grandparents. They were amazing people.
27. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the traditions, family, giving gifts, etc.
28. I spent most of my Thanksgivings at deer camp in Arkansas.
29. I love that I was proposed to at a Chinese restaraunt by a fortune cookie. It was a complete surprise.
30. I consider my life to be truly blessed with amazing friends and family.
31. I love everything about Disney and married into a family who goes to Disney World every year!

So, I only made it to 31, but I think that is enough for me. I tag my girls from Harding...Amanda, Keeley (that's right...this can be your first blog), Summer, Tara, Katie, Meredith, Katie, Missy, and Kelly. I figure if I tag all of you, then maybe 1 or 2 of you will do it!


Mittig family said...


I don't know what being "tagged" means, but it looks like it takes a long time to write all that stuff out. That was tricky to comment on my blog because you knew it would make me check yours when I saw it!!!!! Shay and fam are here right now, but I'll talk to you soon and you can explain! And yes, we do need to plan our trip soon. Love you.

Elizabeth Byerly said...

I can't believe you did it! I'll expect the other 19-69 things to be posted tonight after Moe's! Ha, ha... Great list!

Keeley said...

Good try Nat, but it's not going to work! I only have a blog so that I could put a picture beside my name. You can keep checking it but it will continue to not be there;-) If I answer them then I will just e-mail you the responses! Love ya, Kee

amber said...

Natalie, I just found your blog! I've had a blast catching up with you and seeing your beautiful baby girl! You seem so happy and I know you are a great mama. Keep in touch! love, Amber

Davis said...

Wow Natalie! I loved reading your info from being 'tagged'! It made me feel blessed by reading all of it! I enjoyed looking at all the great pictures, too! I finally put some up again...after you got onto me! It was good to see you the other day! Talk to you soon! :)

Julie said...

I loved your 31! Thanks for making Libby's dress! See you tomorrow!

mkburcham said...

Natalie, Natalie--you are so fun! I love your post- I have gotten so many of these-and I actually like them!! I really enjoyed reading yours-I know some things about you-but it was fun to find out some new things-I was inspired. I will try to do it-
Good try with Keeley!! Maybe she will cave in one day!!
Love Mer