Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Paw Paw and Mae Mae came over for dinner on Tuesday. Mae Mae made Tori a new bracelet and gave her a few prissy being a pillow that she carries around that says 'It's all about me'. That about sums it up.
Today we went to Grammy's house. She also gave her some prissy things...Ariel sunglasses, purse, phone, and more. Then, Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without her playing with her friend Luke!
Bryan and I are going out to dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day while Jessie and David babysit Tori. Thanks!


Amanda said...

Love the new pictures! Hope you had a good dinner. We had a romantic dinner of chili and grilled cheese from LaDonna. It was really good too! Happy V-Day!

Mittig family said...

That picture of Tori in the sunglasses is so funny! Glad y'all had a fun Valentine's week!

mkburcham said...

She has the cutest expressions! I am glad she got some fun prissy things for Valentine's Day-all girls need those things for sure! I am also happy to hear that you and Bryan were able to have a date on Valentine's Day!!! Glad you had a good day!

LindseyRConner said...

Tori is getting so big! Audra talks about her all the time. I had to come check out her blog! She is a cutie pie!