Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow day!

Aunt Jenny came over and played in the snow with Tori. We only played for about 10 minutes. Since it doesn't snow that much here we have no snow gear. She wasn't sure about the snow anyway, but liked walking on patio.


mkburcham said...

Wow! A snow day in Nashville-that is too crazy!!! I do love snow-but am so ready for spring-at least it has snowed mostly in the mtns this year and not in Denver! Tori looks cute and is growing so fast! You had mentioned you wanted to know his name and we actually aren't disclosing his name until he is born-I know-but at least one thing is a suprise! So, once he is here you will know!! Hope you are well! Miss ya

Anonymous said...

Sweet girl!!!

Stephanie Reeves said...

Hey! I've started blogging again. I know what you mean about not having much snow gear. Poor Ruby wore fleece pants to go sledding. Tori is such a cutie! That's great that she's talkign so much. Trip is about to be 1 and isn't saying too many "real" words yet. Just lots of babble. I guess he's trying to tell us something. Hope yall have a fun Easter weekend!