Thursday, October 30, 2008


We decided to be a cowgirl this year thanks to Emma Cate. I bought a Lady costume (from Lady and the Tramp) last year on clearance, however we tried to practice wearing it around the house but it never stayed on for more than 5 minutes. So, we turned to Emma Cate...the costume queen.
We had Trunk or Treat last night at church. It was so fun this year because Tori loved it. Everyone at church had their trunks decorated and passed out candy. She loved saying Trick or Treat and getting candy. We kept ending up at the trunk with the inflatable Pooh on top of it. That was definitely her favorite part. Somehow after all the excitement all the kids were still able to go to class. Tori loved her 'costume' and kept it on all night!

Audi and Cole came to see Tori!

Several adults dressed up, too including Jessie and Uncle D. There were about 15 of them that dressed as a box of crayons!
Tori and Luke!

Henry trying to give Tori smooches. He ended up chasing her around the parking lot with his lips puckered and ready. We allowed this happen, but in a couple of years that will have to stop.
This is Tori's buddy, Hannah! Hannah was the flowergirl in our wedding almost 5 years ago!


Amanda said...

Cute pics, I am glad the cowgirl worked! Happy Halloween!

Mittig family said...

That's so cute! I wish the girls could get a picture together in their costumes! Hopefully we can catch up next week-we're slammed this weekend and I'm sure y'all are too! Love you!