Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Visit to Arkansas

Tori decided to get sick at the beginning of the week. I thought she was getting better so we decided to take a last minute trip to Arkansas with my parents. It was a very different trip because she was sick with a cough and no energy for most of the trip, then I got it. It has not been the best week, but I am still so glad we got to see my grandparents. We will not see them until the wedding now. You know that I was not myself because this is the only picture I took all week. When Tori had a little energy, Grandma would let her play in the cabinets and she would name everything.
She is doing better now. The doctor gave her an antibiotic, so that has helped tremendously. It's nice to see her playing with toys and smiling again.


lyla said...

that picture ofher on the floor is pitiful. you know they feel bad when they lay down like that! :( glad she's feeling better and hope you are too--nothing is worse than being pregnant and sick.

Julie said...

Poor little Tori! i'm glad she's feeling better! We'll see you guys Sat.