Sunday, June 14, 2009

I have been taking Tori to get her picture made every few months. Her panel came in this week!!
7 and 12 months
18 and 24 months

Tori took an interest to Bryan hitting golf balls outside the other and that was all it took. He had a couple of clubs made for her from a friend at church. She loves them.

She loves jumping off the sides with Ducky David (that's what she calls this floatie). She loves swimming around with it by herself. We are starting to work with her a little without the floaties, too.

The girl loves her bambi. She recently found my backup bambi, so sometimes she gets to sleep with both bambis...along with about 20 other stuffed animals in her bed.
Brady started rolling over this week (from his back to his stomach). We start eating cereal from a spoon next week...let the fun and mess begin!


mkburcham said...

That panel is so precious of Tori..and what a great idea! I can't believe that your little guy is already rolling over and about to eat cereal...oh.they grow too fast. Glad yall are doing and miss ya!

Julie said...

Her panel turned out so good! We need to get together soon!

Zach and Kim said...

They panel turned out wonderful. I know you will love looking at it. Does it seem like Brady is growing up faster than Tori? maybe it is just me