Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin time!

We went to Gentry's Farm on Saturday. The kids had a great time being outside and enjoying all the activities.
They love to ride in the wagon!

Riding on Daddy's shoulders through the maze...
...this is what I saw when they were leaving the maze.
Tori picked out some lovely pumpkins!

We dropped the kids off at Paw Paw and Mae Mae's house afterwards and went out just the two of us. We had a date night at Outback and ran some errands. It was such a great day!
Paw Paw got the kids sweatshirts last week in Arkansas...they loved seeing each other in them...especially the hoods!


Amanda said...

Awesome pics! E.C. laughed at the "rear view"! WE like the Arkansas shirts too!

jeffandjenny said...

The "leaving the maze" and the last pic are hilarious!

lyla said...

that picture of tori CRACKED me up!!! haha :) hilarious. love all the pictures--they look so cute together.

Julie said...

I got a good laugh at the rear shot and the last pic too!