Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off to school we go...

And, we are off. Brady had his first day of preschool and Tori started her 3rd year. That is hard to believe. They both did great. I walked them in today to get a few pictures. There were no tears when I left, so that was a good sign.
Tori starting school at 21 months.
Tori starting school 2009.

Brady's bag was a little too heavy for him. He fell twice within minutes.

Brady with two of his teachers...Ms. Janda and Ms. Jennifer.

Tori putting her fishy face on the door when she gets to school.

Tori and Ms. Jennifer

Tori and Ms. Leanne. At this point, she was done with me taking pictures and just wanted to play.

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marathonmommy said...

awww. how cute! love the heavy bag picture. so great they didn't cry! what big kids! your boy was ready to hang with the pretty ladies!!! enjoy your few precious hours!