Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Trip to the Beach!!

I took Tori on her first trip to the beach. Call us crazy, but there were 3 adults and 4 children all under the age of 2. Someone in a restaurant asked if we lost a bet with our husbands:) I will say that was the only time we went out to dinner.
Tori loved the sand and surprisingly she did not eat it. I'll give her another month and that will be over. She was able to take naps on the beach under the umbrella and at the pool, so that worked out nice for mom!

Amanda bought Emma Cate and Tori matching bathing suits, but of course I did not get a good picture of the two of them.

Virginia, Holly, Henry, Emma Cate, Amanda, Me, and Tori
We made the kids matching shorts/bloomers.

They all look so innocent:)

Henry was the only boy on the trip. We caught him and Tori holding hands a couple of times on the trip home!


Mittig family said...

It looks like y'all had a blast! Tori is adorable-I still love to see her big smile. I really need you and Amanda to give me some sewing lessons-your girls always look so cute. Glad y'all had fun-hope your recovery is going well.

Love you, Summer

Elizabeth Byerly said...

Great pictures! Of course, Tori's smiling in all of them!

Josh and Lindsay Story said...

I love the pictures! Tori is so cute! I'm glad she did so well on the beach...taking naps and so forth! Looks like you all had fun!

Katie Land said...

So fun... I was waiting to see pics. Henry the "ladies man". Ya'll are all so cute. It looks like you got a lot of great pics. Boy, I wish I could have been in the car on the way down and on the way back- maybe you could have squeezed me in the way back!! I am glad you guys had fun. Talk to you soon.

mkburcham said...

What great pictures~! It looks like ya'll had a fun time- I love the picture with the little bloomers-I love the little outfits you and Shores make! Tori has such a great smile-I love it!
Yeah, I am with Katie-her and I would have loved the car ride!!!
Talk to you soon! Love ya!

mandiandjosh said...

Her little high chair looks huge with her in it!

You beach pictures are so cute. You are a brave mommy!

lauren said...

I don't know if you saw my comment back to you on my blog, but I've been a "blog lurker" on your blog ever since Tori was born! She is precious! I think it's great that y'all took a beach trip with just the mommies and babies! They all look SO adorable together!! Be glad that Tori is young enough to enjoy the beach. James didn't like it. Thankfully, he liked the pool, though! I love the matching outfits, too!

Stephanie, Rex, Ruby, & Trip said...

Hey Natalie! Found you through Mer's blog. Tori is adorable and it looks like yall had a great time at the beach. I'm glad to able able to keep up with you now. Love-

Davis said...

Ok - those pic's of the bloomers is sooooo adorable! You'll need to frame the one with all the kids and moms! It is a WONDERFUL pictures! And, of course, Tori is so laid back and loving it all!