Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1/2 Marathon

No, I definitely did not run in this race. My sister and Cole have been training for months for the half marathon. They did a great job and finished in exactly 2 hours. There were over 30,000 runners this year. I think that is amazing!

We went to cheer them on, but we did not do a very good job at getting to the different places. It was mostly my fault so my dad said he was taking over next time.
Tori put lots of smiles on runner's faces.


Melissa Claire said...

Hi Natalie ~ I'm confessing to be a blog stalker. I feel like I know you because I'm friends with Jenny and Keeley. Anyway, I clicked on your blog and saw this post with the marathon pictures...and the lady Tori is high fiving(is that a word?) is a friend from my work. Crazy!

Keeley said...

I love Tori's plaid skirt! Maybe I will have a girl and be able to borrow some of her sute stuff. I am sure that I will have twin boys though! Oh well, you can then have another kid and it will hopefully be a boy!

Elizabeth said...

That's great they did the 1/2 marathon! I saw them running one day but didn't realize they were "training!"

Stephanie Reeves said...

What a precious little greeter Tori was! Too cute!