Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Family Visit

My Uncle Richard, Grandma, and Papaw came to visit for a few days. We had a great time while they were here and we were sad to see them go.
Tori loves that Paw Paw and Mae Mae have windows that are her size!
We celebrated my birthday on Saturday. My dad makes amazing chicken wings and Tori loved them, too!
Cole got a Wii, so we played a lot this weekend! We are ready to play again!
Audra and Cole got some bad scores from the judges on Dancing with the Stars!
Tori wanted to dance, too so Paw Paw agreed to dance with her.
All of us after church...minus Bryan...he had an open house.
Tori and Grandma. After one day, Tori was already saying Papaw and Grandma. We were so impressed!

Tori's new favorite food...chocolate cake...she is obsessed!
Hanging out with Papaw!
Monday night we celebrated Bryan's birthday! Everyone came to our house where we cooked Bryan some of his favorites! Tori wore her birthday shirt in honor of her Daddy.
Tori showing off on her rocking chair that Grandma and Papaw got for her for Christmas!
Amanda and the kids came over to play on Monday. I was just hanging out with Will.
Emma Cate and Tori of course had to ride Bump Bump!
They loved seeing and chasing the butterflies!
Where did everyone go!! We miss you already!!


Mittig family said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like y'all had lots of fun-Tori is just so cute and makes the sweetest little faces! I know Grandma and Papa were loving that she said their names so quickly!

Amanda said...

Adorable pictures. Thank you for letting us meet Grandma and Papa, I know you loved having them visit. We once again had a great time visiting Mr Jeff and Ms Carol. Thanks for the ride on Bump Bump!

Julie said...

Such sweet pictures!! I love the one of you and Tori and the "i don't know" pic. She is so cute!

mkburcham said...

Love that pic of you and Tori-that is so precious! We are at home now-wow, it has definitely been a transition...I know each day will get easier-more routine! Wish ya'll were here to come over and meet him! Love ya