Thursday, August 14, 2008

20 months!

We've had a great week or two. My friends Jaren and Greg came to town for the weekend. I finally got to meet Ellie! We had a dinner with the girls and kids on Friday night!
Tori is now 20 1/2 months. She has become much more active, repeats anything and everything you say, talks in sentences, and loves to climb on everything.
We went to my parent's house for the day yesterday. Tori cannot get enough of the turkeys.
They are not bothered by her running around with them.
Until she decides to chase them off.
We took a break for watermelon.
Then the turkeys were back!
Time to feed them again!
She loves to wear our shoes around the house.
Audra picked her up the other day and this is how her dress ended up. She did not want me to fix it!


Julie said...

love the dress pic! let's get together soon!

caseyandnewt said...

the picture of tori chasing the turkeys is priceless

Mittig family said...

That picture of her in your shoes is so cute! And I bet it is so funny to see her chasing those turkeys around in person!