Friday, August 29, 2008

We've had a busy, but fun week. We went to Aunt Nenny's first baby shower, celebrated Julie's birthday, spent a day at my parent's house, went to meet the teacher day for Tori, and celebrated Emma Cate's birthday.
This was her favorite toy in the room. She thought is was so funny.
She also loved for Daddy to pick her up. She kept saying 'want to touch apples' (that were hanging from the ceiling).
What kid does not love bubble time. These are her new teachers...Mrs. Janda and Mrs. Joanna!
Happy Birthday, Princess Emma Cate. She turns 3 today!
Tori thought she was a princess, too.

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Amanda said...

Great pics. I am so happy the girlies are playing together now! Can't wait for Will to have a friend!!! I hope Tori has a great day at school tomorrow. Don't cry mommy!