Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birthday Week!

We had such a fun birthday week. What 2 year old does not love a week full of birthday cake and presents!?! We went to story time at Davis Kidd with Julie and Libby. We ate lunch with Keeley, Braden, Amanda, Emma Cate, and Will. Then, we had dinner with the family at home.
She loves her new tinkerbell pajamas and Minnie Mouse high heeled dress shoes. She would not take a nap yesterday without them on.
She got a Minnie Mouse piggy bank to start saving money to buy something next time she goes to Disney World.

Playing with the Mister Potato Head toys with Paw Paw.

The girl loves birthday cake!

I'm so glad the twins got to come to their first birthday party! I can't believe they are over a month old.

She is reading a Dora book that is a story of Tori and Dora with Tori's pictures and fun facts about her all through the book!

Will, Emma Cate, Tori, and Braden. Braden is doing great! I am sure he is anxious for his brother to be with him...hopefully soon!
Say cheese!


Zach and Kim said...

Looks like it was a great party! I love the heels, I think those will go great with all of Tori's outfits.

Amanda said...

Love the pictures! Hope you had a good weekend! We enjoyed lunch!