Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disney World

That's right...we are back from another trip to Disney World. This was Tori's fourth trip and she is only 2. She has been talking about the trip for weeks. I am really surprised at how much she remembers from September. We had a great time and Brady was probably one of the youngest kids there. I didn't take him to the parks and our doctor suggested we not fly because of all the germs on planes, so me, Bryan, and Brady drove down a couple of days after Tori left. Brady did great...he just ate and slept the whole trip. We had a relaxing time except when Tori got sick. I think it was just from being completely exhausted. She was still able to see several characters and ride Dumbo and the horsies which are her favorites.
She loves Minnie Mouse. She still could not get enough of her.

Of couse, she kept Jessie busy. She only wanted to go down the slide with Jessie.
Brady's first character meeting. I think he really enjoyed it:)

Luckily we went to a character breakfast since she didn't get to see any characters in the parks this year. They said it was very crowded!

Virginia, Tori, and Henry at church Sunday morning.

Thanks to Steve and Susan we got the meal plan this year which meant we ate even more than normal. A couple of days we even ate 2 of 3 all you can eat meals...just what I need to fit in a bridesmaids dress in a few weeks! I think even Tori was tired of eating in this picture.

Our new family of four!

All you can drink diet coke!

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lyla said...

are you serious!? you already took brady to disney world? you are really making the rest of us look bad. lilly is 4 and has yet to go. you are a BRAVE mom. i don't know many people who would be able to handle that trip with a newborn!