Saturday, May 30, 2009

All smiles!!
You can't tell but Tori has BIG GIRL PANTIES on! That's right...we started potty training on Tuesday since we are done with school. I stayed home with her for two days to get some good practice. It's going great!
Macey, Madison

Yesterday we celebrated Cole's birthday. Audra cooked a wonderful meal and made a fancy cheesecake.
Logan and Brady. Logan is Audra's niece and was born a day after Brady.


Amanda said...

Glad potty training went well, I hope it continues! Brady looks like such a big boy in these pics. E.C. is proud of Tori for going potty in the big girl potty! We miss ya'll and will see you next week.

Julie said...

So many cute pics!! Yeah for Tori! Libby started last week too, and so far so good. Hope it stays that way!