Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rain rain went fun!

Audra and Cole are married! We had a great wedding weekend with friends and family. It was so great to see everyone that was able to make it. We were very nervous about the weather up to last minute, but God is good. It didn't rain at all when we had our pictures made before, during the ceremony, or the reception. If you were in town this weekend, you would not have believed it. The wedding was beautiful and it was so much fun!
This is us practicing our backup plan in the building the night before because it was pouring!
Grandma and Papaw holding Brady at the rehearsal. This was the first time they got to meet him!

Papaw, Grandma, Dad, Mom, Aunt Barbara, and Uncle Richard

Me and Bryan at the rehearsal at Stoney River...yummy!

Tori was the flower girl.

Cole's parents adopted Samuel this week. Tori and Samuel became great friends.

Our family of four!

Audra was sneaking a peak at the guests!

It's almost time.

Tori and Samuel were dancing before the wedding.

The ceremony was beautiful in front of the pond!

The Griffith's first dance!

Daddy and daughter dance.

My friends SP, Amanda, Nesse, and Heather came!

The cake was beautiful and delicious!

Ali and the kiddos, her parents, and Granny came to the wedding. They came over to the house Sunday before leaving town.

Tori and her buddy Emma Cate. They did not leave each other's side during the reception.


Amanda said...

Audra was a beautiful bride! We had a great time, E.C. was sad to leave and even more upset she didn't get to ride bump bump to the car!
P.S. The m. of H. looked awesome!! I heard she had a 10 week old?????

Zach and Kim said...

Looks like everything turned out wonderful! Glad the weather cooperated. Everyone looks beautful.